Wear your obsession on your sleeve

(or Feet, or Floor, or Wall...)

Discover finery for abode, self, and spirit – a curated collection that lets you wear your fascinations as splendid adornments of self-expression.

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Through meandering corridors of boundless creativity, we meticulously forge exquisite gothic marvels, destined to grace homes with an aura of enigmatic beauty.

Our devotion extends beyond aesthetics; we remain ever-vigilant stewards of our planet's precious resources, acutely aware of the delicate balance between creation and conservation.

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Artifacts of adornment beckon – seek the exquisite complement to your cherished essence.


Adorn Your Sanctum

Embrace the art of adorning your sanctum, for within these unique relics lies the power to weave your desires into your home's very fabric.


Attire for every moment

A tapestry from crown to sole. Select the design that resonates, and make your entrance a symphony of elegance.